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On Pantheon, is running at 50 million page views a month across 35 million URLs, 40 terabytes of images, 500 terabytes of video, 6 million registered users, 15 million articles...and we have 4 developers.

Abe Br01bcjaoewster, CTO, Patch
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Build Better Websites

  • Manage Sites Easily

    Manage all your WordPress and Drupal sites from a single dashboard. Collaborate on projects easily among team members.

  • Automate DevOps

    Free yourself from server maintenance. Let Pantheon automate sysadmin work— you can focus on developing great websites.

  • Workflow for the Truly Agile

    Push changes quickly and often. Use continuous integration with version control and out-of-the-box dev, test, and live environments.

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Boost your skills with Pantheon resources

Run your sites on the fastest Drupal and WordPress hosting 
on the planet.

Pantheon is the world’s fastest hosting for Drupal and WordPress. It comes down to our super-efficient container-based platform. Multiple independent benchmarks have compared Pantheon with other providers, and we consistently come out on top.

Drupal Hosting - response time in seconds See the report

  • AWS 65.2
  • Acquia 1.5
  •  Pantheon 1.1

WordPress Hosting - response time in seconds See the report

  • GoDaddy .43
  • WP ENGINE .42
  • Pantheon.26

(Shorter is better).

Manage all your websites and collaborate with your team in one place.

Our Developer Dashboard has everything you need to build, launch, and run Drupal and WordPress sites. Interface via SFTP or Git, deploy and scale your sites, and access tools like backups and one-click core updates. Easily add team members and control access.

Screen Top Product Overview Manage
Screen Top Product Overview Dev Test Live

Launch faster with our best practice workflow.

  • Dev
  • Test
  • Live

Every site comes with identical pre-configured Dev, Test, and Live environments connected by version control. Each has its own database, file system connection, and URL. Run a continuous integration workflow out of the box and deploy with confidence.

Instantly fork your entire stack.

Multidev lets you make unlimited cloud environments for feature branching, per-dev sandboxes, QA environments, and more. Each branch is an entire development environment with its own dedicated resources and identical performance to the live site.

Screen Top Product Overview Multidev
Screen Top Product Overview Devops

Boost your development efficiency with automated DevOps.

Let us do the DevOps heavy lifting and free yourself from server maintenance and pager duty forever. Pantheon automates sysadmin so you can focus on development.

Scale your site traffic automatically with smooth scaling.

Pantheon’s unique container-based architecture allows every site to scale without overhauling infrastructure or architecture. Containers are lightweight and can provision 10x faster than virtual machines, and it’s all done in software.

Others take


PLUS set up new boxes, configure PHP, caches, app server, load balancer, set up logging, system privileges...


Pantheon takes


Just ask for more Pantheon and our system provisions you more containers.

Beyond Hosting

A platform to build, launch, and manage your WordPress and Drupal sites
(plus the fastest hosting on the planet)

Drupal Hosting

Hosting and automated DevOps for Drupal websites. One-click core updates, no server management, and the highest performance possible.

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WordPress Hosting

Hosting and automated DevOps for WordPress websites. Super-fast performance with one-click core updates.

Learn more

Developer Dashboard

Manage all your websites, see developer activity, and apply portfolio-wide fixes, and set role-based access from a single dashboard.

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Continuous Integration

Integrate code and release often—develop directly on the platform or use Git for version control. Every site comes with identical dev, test, and live environments.

Version control and workflow

Automated DevOps

Pantheon automates all sysadmin work—configuration, deployment, and maintenance at the infrastructure level. Never touch a server again.

Learn more

Cloud Dev Environments

Use Multidev to spin up Git feature branches as cloud development environments for teams. Easily control access and permissions for each.

See overview

Advanced Caching

Varnish and Redis are built into the platform to provide high-speed edge caching and robust application caching.

Learn more

Smooth Scaling

Scale to millions of pageviews without affecting performance on the platform’s container-based infrastructure.

See how it works

Automated Site Monitoring

Over a million checks a day are run on Pantheon, triggering alerts to any potential performance issues.

See overview

Enterprise-Grade Security

Built-in hardened security features. Intrusion detection and prevention, encrypted channels, and least-privilege user access. Reduce attack vectors keep your data safe.

See overview

Role-Based Site Access

Pantheon gives you change management for websites. Decide who can deploy to production by setting role-based permissions.

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Pantheon supports SAML, which enables you to use two-factor authentication and single sign-on with the platform.

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Media and Publishing

Now we can react to the metrics in a way we couldn’t before.

Matt Fulton, Director of Digital Services
Maine Today

Pantheon just works. It gives me all the access I need as a very technical person.

Matt Johnson, Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Alley Interactive

Pantheon saves my team at least 5 hours a week just in the speed of dev environments.

Joel Hughes, SVP of eMedia & Information Technology
Scranton Gillette


I couldn’t imagine doing another site migration of this scale without Pantheon.

Chris Staton, Head of Creative

We migrated more than a million nodes without a single hiccup.

Brian Tan, Founder and CEO

The dev-test-live environment made the transition to live a no-brainer.

Ilya Pozin, Founder and CEO
Open Me

Higher Education

Pantheon frees up the equivalent of two or three full-time employees who would have had to manage hosting.

Daniel Garcia-Mont, ‎Web Application Developer Lead

Now we can spend our time working in Drupal, rather than spending precious time procuring servers.

Dan Dickinson, Associate Director for Web communications
Weill Cornell Medical College

Pantheon’s offering took the complexity out of the equation and made the business case for us.

Allen Fear, Web Director
California College of the Arts
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